Your Pledge to reduce the spread of COVID-19


If you agree with our four steps to lower COVID-19 virus transmission, here are ways you can participate:

Individual pledge

Make your pledge by clicking the button and then make your choice 

I will cover my face to help reduce the spread of COVID-19
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I can make a homemade mask or face gaiter
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Corporate pledge

Companies can help make face gaiters.  A professional sewer with a machine at home or with access to an industrial machine can easily produce 50-75 face gaiters a day if given the cut pieces. If you are able to help, register your details so that we can offer you more specific support.

Consistent with government advice, professional sewers, should work from home if possible or be given the best available protection if working in a factory. 


Technical expertise

If you have technical expertise (filter design, logistics, virology, media, communication specialist or other speciality) and want to volunteer your support please use the contact form to send us your details and someone will be in touch.

technical expertise

GoFundMe – Donation

We are running this as a not for profit. We will be supporting the initial supply of free face gaiters where they are needed most, aiding the development of more effective designs, and making this information available open source on this website. If you want you can also help us do more, by making a small donation.

Any donation no matter how small will help us. 

Make your own

Now visit our making page to see how to make your own washable mask or face gaiter and if you are not able to sew see our new section on making a single use no sew disposable surgical mask

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